Online Payroll? Pick the RIGHT Cloud!

Nowadays, more and more businesses are considering the option of going in the cloud with their software. Immediately, these businesses are faced with the conflicting advice of “experts,” who are fighting among themselves over the advantages and disadvantages of going into the cloud. At VCC, we have no interest in joining this never-ending debate. We have one simple piece of advice: If you decide to take your payroll into the cloud, make sure to choose the RIGHT cloud...the Payroll Pro HRM Cloud.

Why? If you go with any of the other providers that give you payroll in the cloud, you are completely depending on that cloud. No Internet? No access to your data. It’s as simple as that.

That is where our cloud is different, we offer a plan B!

We provide you with the possibility to make your own local backups of your data, something that none of our competitors do. (It is YOUR data, after all. Shouldn’t you always have access to it?) Whenever there is an emergency, like no Internet, you simply take your last backup, put it onto a USB stick, and drive over to our offices.

At our offices, we have servers waiting for you. In fact, we keep these servers on hand for the sole purpose of running your backup payroll data. Trust us, your employees will thank you for having a plan B when it comes to payday.

This additional service is completely free, because at VCC, we consider it our professional duty to provide our cloud customers with a backup plan. And doesn’t every good business have a backup plan?

As always, coffee and cookies included.