Exact Globe +, Your next ERP System

What do we bring to the table when it comes to ERP software? Only the best: Exact Globe+, which is one of the most impressive ERP tools on the market for managing your business and automating all your back-office functions. Adopted and trusted by all the major accounting firms, Exact Globe+ covers everything from sales, purchasing, inventory, service & repair, production, and every other imaginable part of your business, with everything automatically ending up in your financials.

The plus in Globe+

As an SME and Exact client, you want access to the right numbers at the right time to make the right choices for your company. Now and in the future.

  • A contemporary look & feel is easier and faster to use.
  • Future-proof technology. In order to work safely and be future-proof, you need the latest technology. That is why we have completely renewed the technology that underlies Exact Globe. We also offer you easy access to familiar features. This means you can continue to rely on Exact's numbers. 

One of the inherent strengths of Exact is the One-X concept: every piece of information only needs to be registered once for it to be available throughout the system and to all departments. For instance, when a purchase order is made in the purchase department, all other departments are automatically and instantly informed. Therefore:

Your warehouse manager can start preparing warehouse space to receive the merchandise.

Your sales department can start pushing the customers to place their orders to move the merchandise quickly.

Finally, the financial administration can do their cash-flow planning.

VCC is proud to partner with Exact to bring you the Exact Globe+ ERP solution, but we go much further than just selling you the software. We provide outstanding support, combining our top-notch IT skills with accounting know-how that rivals the knowledge of any first-rate accountant. (Now that's unique!) Plus, we can make all kinds of modifications to the way your software works and integrates with other software. Like our slogan says, REAL SOFTWARE, REAL SUPPORT!


  • Multi-company
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-warehouse
  • Multiple intra-warehouse locations
  • Serial/batch tracking and tracing
  • One-X entry system
  • Reporting integration with Excel, Crystal Reports & QlikView
  • Production administration, bill-of-materials
  • Role-based detailed security settings
  • Full audit trails
  • Automatic document (attachments) generation
  • Cash-flow management

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Exact Globe+ ERP Solutions