A Cigar From Your Own Box is NOT a Gift

When it comes to purchasing payroll software for your company, you know your staff will need some support, at least in the beginning stages until they become more adept at using the software. We can understand then, that if a payroll software company comes knocking on your door offering free support as part of its package, your ears will quickly perk up.

This “free support” is exactly what some payroll software companies in Curacao are claiming to offer potential clients. And while this seemingly generous offer may have gotten your attention, it simply doesn’t hold up, and here’s why. If you look at the flat monthly fee of any of these companies offering “free support,” you’ll notice that it’s quite high, certainly higher than ours. Why? Because support is included! So that claim of “free support”? A false promise. We can’t help but think of the popular Dutch saying “A cigar from your own box.” Yes, it may seem as though our competitors are offering your business a splendid gift, but it turns out you already paid for it in the monthly fee!

On the other hand, here at VCC International, home of Payroll Pro HRM, we’re not going to fool you with false promises. We’re upfront about our support costs, as any professional company should be. And that’s not all. Did you know that we have hundreds of clients using Payroll Pro HRM who only need support maybe once a year? They have become virtually self-sufficient. How? They’ve taken the difference between our fee (yearly for on-premise, monthly for cloud) and the monthly fee of our competitors and invested it in training for their own employees, who’ve consequently become much greater assets to the company. It’s like paying a mortgage each month on a house instead of throwing your money away each month on rent. Moreover, these well-trained and educated paymasters have the knowledge and skills to expertly maneuver our payroll system on their own, thereby requiring very little support from us, which equals longterm savings.

So no, we’re not going to offer you “free support” like all the others. Instead, we encourage you to join the hundreds of Payroll Pro HRM clients who have taken the money that would have otherwise ended up in our competitors’ coffers and wisely invested it in their own employees through education and training courses, putting the “master” back into paymaster. Who’s in?

Call us today to find out more about Payroll Pro HRM and our customized training courses...and start investing in your employees!