We’re More Than Family—We’re Partners!

VCC International doesn’t take its partnerships lightly. Founder Bert Vermaas has built up a strong reputation throughout the islands, so he’s only interested in partnering with other companies that share VCC’s endless energy and commitment to customers. Platformers is indeed one such company.

Based in the Netherlands, Platformers specializes in custom software in the cloud. Why is this so useful? Typically, when a company wants customized software, they are forced to install it on premise on their own server and computers, because the big companies that offer software in the cloud simply don’t want to make customizations to their cloud-based software—too much maintenance, too many headaches. 

So if the client really wants their software in the cloud, they have to adapt their processes to the uncustomizable cloud-based software—think of it as settling for an ill-fitting off-the-rack suit. 

Platformers resolves this precise dilemma, enabling clients to enjoy all the advantages of the cloud combined with the customizations that ensure their software fits like a tailor-made suit. And we all like a good suit made just for us, right? Platformers was founded by Bas Keijzer, Bert’s own nephew, who shares the same business values as his uncle. You could certainly say that a strong work ethic and dedication to high-quality customer service run in the family bloodline. Given these shared values, Bert is ready to take his relationship with Bas one step further. Indeed, VCC and Platformers aren’t just family—they’re proud partners.

Innovate or extinct

A wave of digitalization has emerged that is changing the world at a rapid pace. Self-driving cars, drones, domotics, big data, the internet of things ... these are just a few examples of the many interesting developments that are going on.

The changes in the market will go faster and faster. Organisations that continue to work in their traditional way will find that their products, services and channels are less well connected to the outside world and will ultimately fall short.

Smart entrepreneurs embrace new trends and developments by looking for ways to get their organisation to benefit optimally. After all, you want to stay ahead of the competition, keep the added value with your customers and be ready for the future. Using these opportunities requires vision, flexibility and innovation. It is our mission to further develop your organisation with you thanks to digital innovation.

Our services

Our name already reveals it: we build platforms. A platform is an online environment ("in the cloud ") with your custom software solutions. The possibilities are endless, from a customer portal to car rental management and from a planning system to a marketplace.

Below we have listed some applications for you:

  • Intra / extranet
  • Workflow management & automation
  • Product information management
  • Ordering & order management
  • Purchasing and inventory management
  • Links with partners, suppliers and producers
  • Bookings, reservations & planning
  • Document management, generation and safe sharing
  • Reports & exports

Of course we can do a lot more for you. Do you have a difficult problem or an interesting challenge? We like to think along with you! Even if you already have an existing solution that is very pricey, outdated or not user-friendly, we can rebuild and improve it.

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