Software Integration


We can tailor software solutions to perfectly meet your business's unique needs. One way we can do this is by integrating the different software packages you use to run your business. Below are just two of the many ways we can integrate the software packages we offer.

Integrating Exact Globe (ERP software) with Payroll Pro HRM (payroll/HR software)

Scenario: Your employee has incurred medical expenses. You, the company, paid the bill, but there is a certain share that the employee needs to pay.

Integrated Solution: You will “invoice” this amount to your employee, who becomes a “debtor” in your financial administration of Exact. At the same time, a new “loan” will automatically be created in the payroll items for that employee in Payroll Pro HRM, where the invoiced amount is going to be the principle amount that needs to be paid back through a withholding from the payroll. Finally, this monthly payroll deduction is automatically entered back into the financial administration each month as a partial payment on the invoice until the invoice is completely settled. (Voila.)


Scenario: Needless to say, everybody wants to store his documents nowadays in a reliable yet flexible document management system (DMS). This certainly goes for your purchase invoices. However, we do not want to enter purchase invoices twice, once in the DMS and once in the ERP software system.

Integrated Solution: You enter the purchase order once, in M-Files, where it starts to walk its route through the workflow. At the end, when the workflow comes to its final stage with the final approval given on the invoice, the invoice is automatically entered in Exact as a journal entry in the purchase journal. No further user action is required. Of course, the workflow will be made dependent on the data, like in this simple workflow example, where we distinguish between expenses related to a certain expense account or not.