The Cloud

Our Cloud Solutions: Working whenever and wherever you want!

In today's increasingly mobile world, nobody wants to be chained to their office computer. Wouldn't it be great to run payroll from anywhere, anytime, from any device, even your smartphone? Want to analyze some data to help make an important business decision, but you're on the road? Our cloud solution breaks this chain, freeing you up to do business without limitations of time and place.

Of course, working in the cloud—which means that your software runs on the Internet instead of your computer—naturally raises concerns regarding security and stability. In traditional cloud systems, a client's data is stored in a faraway server that may be untrustworthy; plus, if the Internet goes down, you're stuck.

Good thing we're far from traditional! VCC has figured out a solution to both of these issues so that your business can enjoy the benefits of working in the cloud without any worries.

First, we use the servers of our trusted IT partner Successfully so that clients can rest assured that their data is safe. Not to mention that since the software is actually running on Successfully's servers, software upgrades will be done automatically.

Second, with our cloud solution, you can make your own local back-ups. In case of Internet failure, you can simply grab your last back-up and drive over to our office, and we'll be more than happy to facilitate you with our own servers.

It's simple—when you choose to work in the cloud with VCC and Successfully, you get all the convenience with no worries. Ready for the switch?

All of our software packages can be hosted in the cloud, including Payroll Pro Ultra, Exact, M-Files, Commence, QlikView, and Crystal Reports.