Founding of VCC

With an impressive arsenal of skills in programming, IT consulting, and managing, Bert Vermaas crossed over into the world of entrepreneurism when he founded Application Software Aruba (AS Aruba) in 1992. Starting off with just a small home office, one financial software package, and three clients, AS Aruba quickly morphed into a full-blown company serving many clients throughout the region spanning from Suriname all the way to Houston, Texas. In 2010, AS Aruba reinvented itself as VCC (Vermaas Computing & Consulting) Aruba. At the same time, with an increasing number of international clients, Bert decided to take advantage of Aruba's Free Zone, opening VCC International to serve all clients outside of Aruba. While VCC Aruba technically serves clients exclusively in Aruba and VCC International serves all the rest, we're all just one big VCC family, with offices in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, proudly serving our 700+ clients in the Caribbean, South America, and Central America.

In the founding and growing of VCC, Bert has always applied solid work ethics. He believes in being fair, under all circumstances—not just fair to clients, but also fair to his employees. With this mentality, he has attracted a loyal team of IT consultants and support staff who trust and respect their leader. It's this dynamite team, with Bert at the helm, that has made VCC what it is today—a highly regarded boutique IT firm that specializes in customizing software packages to meet the unique needs of local and regional businesses.