Data Cleansing & Preparation Prior to Migration

Data Cleansing and Preparation prior to a migration

Preparing for migration to a new software package can often include one tedious and time-consuming activity: data cleansing and preparation. The success of the project can greatly depend on it. Companies are often way too busy and have their hands full with their daily operations, to assign internally members of staff to perform this duty. This is where AXIOMA can play a pivotal role. Not only does AXIOMA consist of IT auditors, Certified Public Accountants and have extensive experience in the financial sector, they are also experienced in handling sensitive information and bringing such a project to a successful end. 

Why is it important?

Though data cleansing does and can involve deleting information, it is focused more on updating, correcting, and consolidating data to ensure your new IT environment is as effective as possible. Businesses generally hold on to a lot of financial and non-financial data – business info, employee info, and often even customer or client information. Unlike individuals, businesses must ensure that the information of many different people and organizations is kept safe and organized.

Having accurate information is important for everyone. It’s important to have accurate employee information. It’s great to have accurate customer information, so you can get to know your audience better and contact customers if needed. Having the newest, most accurate information will help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Data cleansing is also important because it improves your data quality and in doing so, increases overall productivity. When you clean your data, all outdated or incorrect information is gone – leaving you with the highest quality information. This ensures your team do not have to wade through countless outdated documents and allows employees to make the most of their work hours.

Ensuring you have correct information also helps reduce some unexpected costs. For example, you may print incorrect information onto company letterheads – and realize it must all go to waste once that error is found! Or an even more critical area of concern, imagine paying out amounts to a vendor by using outdated information. Having consistent errors in your work can also harm your company’s reputation. 

When you have great data management practices in place, your files will be much less likely to get out of hand with incorrect or outdated data. Working with a data management company can help you keep your information properly managed throughout its entire lifecycle within your new IT software package.

Let AXIOMA help you and your staff by providing assurance on the completeness and accuracy of your data prior to a migration. You can then focus on what really matters: continuing to make your business a success!

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