Field Expertise: We're More Than Just Techies

There is more to selling software than just the software. One has to know how to use it, of course. But knowing and understanding the environment in which it will be used? Well, that's a completely different thing. We know that the landscape of payroll and accounting can be difficult to navigate, ever-changing tax laws, input errors that compound into small catastrophes, you name it. But here's the thing, we know how to navigate this challenging landscape! 

At VCC, we have in-house experts in Payroll Management, Accounting Management, Finance, and Tax Law. Our payroll consultants stay abreast of the latest local tax laws and rulings. We are being consulted on payroll tax matters by the big accountancy firms. Local tax offices have even asked us for advice when planning changes halfway through the year.

Nine times out of ten, when the accountant and the client sit together and blame the system, we come in, and within minutes, we are able to pinpoint the place where either the accountant or the client made a wrong journal entry, causing all the commotion. Clearly, our high understanding of accounting principles and business processes truly comes in handy, bringing greater accuracy and peace of mind to your financial department. 

Although our field expertise is an added value that is difficult to come by in most techies, it shouldn't be a real surprise when it comes to VCC. After all, we've been in the payroll and accounting business for various decades already!

Customer of VCC International

"Bert's expertise in ERP/IT and accounting makes him a very strong business partner. It is a pleasure doing business with Bert. Bert brings a lot of knowledge to the table and has shown to be a very strong team player for defining the company's ERP future and helping the company reach the next ERP level. His reporting/query skills are phenomenal."