Operational Intelligence

Sumatra 2019 for Exact

We at Sumatra Software are convinced that well-informed employees make better decisions. With this in mind, our innovative Operational Intelligence software was developed with the aim of providing you and your colleagues complete and current data insights.  Not only outlines, but including all explanatory details and even scanned documents.

The Need for Operational Reports

Many companies and organizations underestimate the need for operational reports. Often, traditional Excel reports and the well-known "lists" are used, which are usually also distributed afterwards. Traditional reports are therefore always outdated and the necessary explanation is usually not available.

Complete Information

With Sumatra 2019 you can see at first glance what needs your attention, and more importantly why. Sumatra features an unique presentation format which allowes data to be combined and showcased in one screen. Because all relevant associated and underlying information is shown, questions are answered immediately. Decisions are no longer based on assumptions; with Sumatra you decide based on facts!

The Benefits of Sumatra Operational Intelligence

  • Complete data including explanatory details and documents 
  • Steering based on current figures
  • Interactive dashboards 
  • Available everywhere and always 
  • No Data Warehouse required 
  • Better informed employees

Developed for Exact

Sumatra 2019 is ideal for linking with Exact, because the Exact Globe and Exact Synergy databases have already been fully mapped. This speeds up and simplifies the creation of interactive dashboards and operational reports on your Exact environment, and ensures a short implementation time; often only a few days!