Intelligent Software: It reads it, It books it

ImageCapture: Intelligent Software for Automated Processing of PO's, Sales forms, HR forms and more!

By automatically processing purchase invoices you cut out the time-consuming, costly stages of processing, while reducing the room for human error. Another added benefit is that you will always have a full overview of your records at any time. 

Digital Invoice Processing

ImageCapture for Invoices is intelligent scanning and recognition software (OCR) that easily allows you to digitally enter and process digital and paper invoices on your accounting system. 

Seamless Integration with Financial Applications & Workflow Solutions

ImageCapture seamlessly integrates with many popular financial applications.
Authorization of your invoices via workflows can also be included in ImageCapture. If you are already using a workflow solution for authorization such as M-Files, ImageCapture can be effortlessly integrated.

ImageCapture and M-Files, an integrated process

For even more flexibility with powerful workflows we can combine it with M-Files so that your invoices are digitally processed, certified and archived. With ImageCapture and M-Files you have one integrated processing of your invoices, from entry to payment. You save precious time on the processing process and have access to your costs and the status of your invoices at all times.

The advantages of automated invoice processing 

  • No more errors that manual processing causes
  • Faster throughput and processing of invoices
  • Extensive recognition right down to line level
  • Amendments to creditor and debtor details in ImageCapture
  • Full integration with most ERP software/ financial applications
  • Documents are always available in digital form and are never lost
  • No limit on the number of records or documents
  • Processing of sales invoices, purchase invoices, and other documents
  • Digital authorization 

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Scan Sys Introduction

See for yourself how it would work in combination with your financial software: