“Beyond the Call of Duty"

Romar Trading NV. was founded in 1989 on Aruba as a privately held liquor and tobacco distribution enterprise.  Due to the active acquisition and development of its brands as well as its customers, Romar Trading has nowadays grown into the largest food and beverage wholesaler on Aruba. With its extensive portfolio of premium international brands, Romar Trading keeps setting the standard in both customer service as well as brand awareness. 

Karen Harms has been involved in the administration and accounting of Romar Trading from the start. Back in 1998 she was also the first point of contact for VCC International.  In 2005 the organization was strengthened with the arrival of Angelo Cornelis. In this testimonial, Karen and Angelo share their experiences with the software and the support provided by the staff of VCC International NV.

We are extremely satisfied with EXACT®. Our administration has increased a lot over the years and still not all features of the program are fully exploited.  This software package has fit the growth and the needs of Romar Trading perfectly and together with the knowledge of Bert Vermaas and his team of experts, we have transformed Romar Trading into a real trading company.

Order management, logistics and management reporting all function smoothly at Romar Trading mainly due to the combination of other VCC software, such as Crystal Reports®, Qlikview ® and Commence®. This makes it possible for Romar Trading to strengthen and expand its market, without running against administrative restrictions. Currently our customers can place their orders online in our system and synchronization takes place via Commence®. This way all systems keep up to date and costs are properly attributable.

“Bert Vermaas is an all-round expert in the field of both accounting and software programming and is therefore not only able to come up with appropriate solutions quickly, he also provides us with innovative ideas that can be implemented in our daily operations. Adding to his hand on mentality and out of the box thinking, he and his enthusiastic team are able to explain the use of the software in an understandable manner” says Karen. Angelo adds “When problems occur you can always rely on VCC International, they respond quickly, regardless of the time of day. This makes VCC International our valuable and indispensable partner and we look forward to continuing our relationship throughout the coming years”.

Angelo Cornelis & Karen Harms – Romar Trading

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