“ A new chapter in Payroll and HR software”

Gamma IT Solutions, formerly known as Gamma Research, is the leading software developer in the Dutch Caribbean.  Besides developing customized software applications that fit the needs of even the smallest local business to the largest multinational, they maintain standard packages, offer IT consultancy and project management. Over 3500 organizations worldwide in both the public and the private sector are happy users of their software.

In 2005 Frank started his career at Gamma as commercial director. In these years he has not only introduced new software but has also established a broad and sophisticated distribution network.

After careful listening to the wishes of their clients and the feedback from VCC, Gamma IT
Solutions have developed the new Payroll Pro Ultra with Integrated Human Resource Module to meet modern market demands.

Efficiency has been the key motivation behind the development of the new integrated Payroll/ HRM solution. Anticipating on the wishes of our customers we automated all administrative processes concerning the employees and combined them with the salary administration. Applying the local laws, regulations and variable wage components, our new software produces the periodical payroll within just a click of a button. With our new software called ‘Payroll Pro Ultra’ we can reduce the workload of our clients, enabling them to work better and faster. Basically; to work more efficient.

Our major distributor in the Caribbean for the last 15 years has been VCC International, with whom we work very close together. Besides that their team of professionals not only sells, implements and maintains our programs, they also organize courses and free seminars to enhance the knowledge and skills of our software users.  As a result of the feedback they receive from our (potential new) clients and their extensive expertise in our software they have played a crucial role in the development of the new Payroll Pro Ultra.

We cherish this partnership that has certainly contributed to the overall result of our success in our software development, our portfolio of international clients and we thank VCC for their support and advice.

Interested in Payroll Pro Ultra? One call with VCC is enough to get all the information you need or join one of their free get to know the product seminars. fbaks@gammaresearch.com

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