VCC International offers her clients System Adminstration and Cloud Computing though Successfully

VCC International NV has signed a cooperation agreement with the Dutch ICT company Successfully, which offers companies a complete solution for their IT. Through this partnership, VCC and Successfully can offer their customers a one stop solution regarding their IT Infrastructure and enables the VCC consultants to focus on their core business, which is namely the supply and service work for VCC’s software programs, such as Exact, M-Files and Payroll Pro HRM.

System Management and Cloud Computing

Successfully manages not only the IT infrastructure for its customers, but can also provide a completely new IT infrastructure network, including hardware and software. With their proactive monitoring, they can detect potential problems early and take corrective action when for example a hard drive is filling up or when a backup is not functioning properly. This can even so far as for example, the level of toner in the printer. Also Working in the Cloud, is now a service VCC can offer her customers standardly through the collaboration with Successfully. A customer does not need to invest in hardware, Microsoft software licenses, maintenance and backup solutions with these cloud solutions.