M-Files named Best Overall Document Management Software of 2020

We selected M-Files as the best overall document management software because of its comprehensive set of features. M-Files includes useful collaboration and workflow automation tools that are user-friendly and effective. You also get a document imaging system that incorporates optical character recognition (OCR) for automatic document indexing and organization. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac, as well as mobile operating systems, so users can access M-Files across various platforms.

November 2019: This month, M-Files announced the release of a new feature called Ground Link, which connects on-premises document storage to cloud-based applications. For example, documents stored in SharePoint could be used in conjunction with Salesforce to improve customer relationship management and further centralize document management processes. Ground Link works with all types of on-premise storage methods, including enterprise content management systems your business might already use.

Source:original article from Business.com