(Lack of) Business Ethics at Software Solution Providers

Payroll Pro has been active since 1994 as a provider of payroll software on the islands of Curacao, St. Maarten, Saba, St. Eustatius, Bonaire, and Aruba, as well as in Suriname. In all these markets, we have been the undisputed market leader for various decades.
Recently, a number of new players have entered the market. In itself, we welcome the increase of healthy competition, it's good for the customer and it keeps us sharp. However, we feel obliged to point out some of the abuses being committed by these competitors, for the protection of users in general.

Recently, we have repeatedly experienced the case in which a company that is switching to us from another software provider has a very difficult time obtaining its data in digital form from that provider. The company (especially if it's coming from Celery or Afas) is sometimes denied a digital backup of its data, thwarting our ability to assist our new customer with a quick and smooth transition to our software.

We condemn this behavior as particularly unethical. It is inherent in doing business that you sometimes lose a customer; however, we find that a departing customer should be well supported until the last day.

Moreover, who owns the data, after all? The software supplier or the customer? Nevertheless, the data of a company and its staff should not be refused. We are not lawyers, but it is certainly conceivable that refusing data is not only ethically reprehensible behavior, but also legally not right. In fact, a software provider would probably still have to prove it was legal to keep a former client's data on its system behind, because ultimately it is very private and sensitive data, such as the salaries of all employees!
We therefore strongly recommend that when businesses choose their software supplier, they discuss these issues with the supplier up front.

Regarding our own practices, if one of our clients decides to outsource to the accountant or even try another software, we will support them until the last day and give them their data. Indeed, if required, we will even assist in the conversion to the new system.

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